do yourself a favor…

and make this right now….

homemade apple crisp

so you can have leftovers for breakfast.

homemade apple crisp

add some blueberries,


it’s summer, you’ve probably got something good hanging around.

homemade apple crisp

ice cream is a nice touch.

but maybe don’t use a fountain pen to write your recipe cards.
(though it does makes them beautiful…)

it’s 375º btw.




We bought a massive wheel of brie on sale a week or so ago, so I’ve been trying hard to think of clever ways to use it up. Lunch today was prime. Just sliced cocktail tomatoes on toast with thin slices of brie melted on top. And pepper, of course. Yes, indeed.

I’ve been on a bit of a food kick for the last few months, searching for new, appetizing things to make. I strive to be a better cook, but I admit my repertoire is somewhat limited. I have a weakness for baking, probably due to genes I inherited from my mother. She’s an amazing baker of many hard-to-resist things, especially around Christmas time. I just find it so relaxing measuring stuff out, mixing it together… it’s one of those mindless activities that you can get lost in for a while.

I have two favorite food blogs right now. One I actually try things from regularly, and the other mostly provides mindless entertainment. If you appreciate good food, you must check out The photos are beautiful and the writing is great too. I admit to having diligently read my way through the entire archives (it’s a bizarre, and time-intensive compulsion of mine). I am a sucker for a good brownie recipe and there are so many brownie recipes on Smitten Kitchen it will make your head spin. I’ve made the best cocoa brownies and my favorite brownies, and both were very decent brownies, though I’ve yet to do a side-by-side taste test. That may be a tad excessive, not to mention dangerous, having two pans of brownies in the house simultaneously. The moroccan spiced spaghetti squash has made its’ way into our regular rotation. It’s divine.

The other food/lifestyle blog I like is The Pioneer Woman. It’s an entertaining mix of down-home cooking (frequently laden with copious amounts of butter) and humorous musings on life on a ranch with four children, several dogs, horses, and of course, herds of cattle. It makes me happy that I do not live on a ranch. I haven’t attacked many of the recipes here (largely due to the aforementioned butter thing…), but we can’t live without the sour cream pancakes… best pancakes ever. They’re so good that they also made an appearance on Smitten Kitchen, which is high praise. Just peachy with gluten-free flour too.

Any other favorites out there?