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Jules at torch

So… what’s the story behind the name “Uglibeads”?

Uglibeads relates to my belief that in order to learn, we have to make mistakes. A person doesn’t just sit down at the torch and make beautiful beads right away. It takes time… and lots and lots of ugly beads. Sometimes I look back and think, “Did I do that?” Not only will I admit to having made some of the ugliest beads on the planet, I’m growing as an artist because of them!

I have loved beads and jewelry for as long as I can remember. When I was in elementary school I did a pretty good business making origami earrings out of Mojo wrappers. Of course, recesses were spent making friendship bracelets. One Christmas, a bead loom arrived, and I was hooked. There were many trips to the bead store to spend my allowance on new colors of shiny seed beads. Eventually my love extended to larger, more interesting beads from around the world, and sometimes I made jewelry with them, but mostly I hoarded them and brought them out once in a while to sift through them and admire their beauty. There is just something about a bead that draws you in. When I discovered that you can make your own glass beads, I started to focus on making and selling beads for jewelry designers and collectors.

Creating unique glass beads is a joyful process for me. When I sit down at the torch and the music is playing, I’m lost in a world of color, mesmerized by the flow of molten glass. I’ve been making glass beads since 2001, and I still love it as much as I did the first time I sat behind a torch. I love it when people find a personal connection to my beads… that’s what gives them life, and ensures that they’ll be cherished for years to come. Thank you for visiting!

Check out a short video of me working: click HERE!

I was invited to do a wonderful interview exploring my journey in beads. Read the full interview here.

My other hangouts:

f a c e b o o k : http://www.facebook.com/groups/uglibeads
e t s y : http://www.uglibeads.etsy.com
p i n t e r e s t : http://www.pinterest.com/julessontag/
i n s t a g r a m : @jules_sontag

I am a regular contributor to the Art Bead Scene Blog, where I write about creativity, inspiration, and the art bead and jewelry community.

Professional memberships:
> Glass Art Association of Canada

> Glassblowing (Marty Kaufmann), Alberta College of Art & Design, 2001
> Beginner beadmaking (Joy Jubenville), Red Deer College, 2001
> Intermediate beadmaking (Lezlie Winemaker), Red Deer College, 2004
> Advanced raking and masking techniques (Amy Waldman-Smith), Tiffany House, 2014

> Soda Lime Times, tutorial author, 2014
> Creative Bead Chat, ‘Meet the Maker’ interview, March 2015
> Esfera Jewelry blog, featured artist interview, April 2015
> Art Bead Scene blog, Meet The Bead Artists feature, April 2015
> Glasss 4 – Book of Lampworkers, April 2015
> Glass Art Association of Canada – Member interview, October 2015

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