the gift of g e n e r o s i t y

This post has been brewing for a long time, but sometimes you just have to sit with something for a while before you’re ready to share.

Something amazing happened back in…. December I think! It was a while ago now so I can’t quite remember. Anyhoodles. I won an incredible giveaway contest on Janine Lucas’ blog. Janine is a super duper super talented jewelry designer. She’s also a really interesting person who has done a lot of traveling, and she’s very very lovely too! It’s impossible not to love her.

She does a really fantastic series of interviews with artists who make the components she uses in her work (lampwork, metal, polymer clay, etc.). I have to say… of all the interviews out there, hers are some of the best, most thoughtful and revealing. It’s obvious that she puts a huge amount of care and work into them.

Along with the interviews, she always offers a HUGELY generous giveaway contest – with the opportunity to win a piece of jewelry she made with the featured artist’s work, and sometimes the featured artist will offer a little giveaway as well.

I thought what the heck, I’ll enter. And I WON. And I received this in the mail:

Bracelet by Esfera Jewelry

Let’s just stop and stare for a moment.

I so enjoyed photographing my beautiful bracelet because it’s impossible to take a bad photo of the thing. It’s just beautiful from every angle with so many special, intricate details.

Bracelet by Esfera Jewelry

Here’s my favorite thing about it: a thing that you could never know until you actually put it on your wrist and wear it around for a while. The little butterfly ‘tinkles’ as you move. Not an annoying tinkling, but the most musical, pleasing tinkle you can imagine! Plus the word ‘tinkle’ just makes me laugh. I love jewelry that satisfies your sense of sight, but sound as well… that’s special.

Here’s one more shot I just couldn’t resist…. because…. details.

Bracelet by Esfera Jewelry

And here’s a classic Julie ‘duh’ moment – I’d sort of mixed up which artist she was featuring the month I won this, and just realized that the lampwork beads were made by my good friend Kimberly Rogers of Numinosity Beads. So it’s even more special to me now. As if that were possible!

Here is a link to Janine’s blog where you can find her monthly interview series and giveaway contests –

Her Etsy shop, where you can purchase her wonderful work (prepare to be amazed) –

And here is a link to the original interview with Kimberly Rogers with the bracelet I won!

Thank you Janine – for your talent and your generosity! ❤

3 thoughts on “the gift of g e n e r o s i t y

  1. You surely deserved to win this beauty of a bracelet with your kind spirit and personality! Many blessings to Janine for all her talents and hard work and generosity! I am loving your blog sweets, let’s keep it going! Thank you for your very kind words, I am humbled, lets keep inspiring each other!

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