what’s on my work table

New conundrum: when you make beads and headpins and stuff, how do you decide what to keep to use for your own jewelry and what to set aside to sell? I don’t know how other component makers find that balance, but I’m curious.

I made some headpins and earring pairs last week. They reminded me of little cotton puffs with the fuzzy patches of ivory. Don’t ask me how these colors ended up together on my work table. I have no idea – but they worked together. I couldn’t resist keeping a pair of headpins and a couple of the round beads to play with for some new earring designs.

So far, works in progress, just experimenting, playing, fussing.

Cotton headpin earrings in progress

I got these really cool boro ‘vertebrae’ beads (top left) from a beadmaker who does amazing things with color – Kristan Child. Such a great shape! They’re much more blue and purple in real life, picking up on the colors in the headpins. I’m not sure what direction these are going in but they’re sitting on my table waiting for inspiration to strike. Some funky wire-wrapping?


I paired these roundy cotton-ish beads with purple eggplant-ish ceramic drops from Petra at Scorched Earth. I like the beach pebbles too but I’m not sure. Still playing, but I feel a kind of serene, earthy, grounded thing going on.

Do you ever feel like your energy is totally off? I mean, not your creative energy, but your energy in general? I’ve been in a weird, slightly aggravated phase lately. I’m not sure what it is. Some cosmic planetary misalignment? The weather? Not enough nature in my life? Too much time hermited up in my apartment working?

I’m trying to breathe, be calm, be introspective. So far I haven’t discovered the mystery of it all, but I’m working on it.


2 thoughts on “what’s on my work table

  1. I feel like I’m constantly just commenting on your blog with “omg I know what you mean” but OMG I know what you mean! My energy has been all funky for a bit. I think it happens when my “what I should do”s get out of balance with my “what I want to do”s, but I’m not totally sure what it is either. It usually comes and hangs around for a week or two and then fades and I’m back to normal. But I’m not a big fan of when it’s hangin’ around.

    One thing I’ve found that does help is if I go create with other people. It seems to change my energy quite a bit. I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately and today’s maker event really helped re-kindle my spirit. 🙂 (as did finishing something that I haven’t had time for in the last 2 months.)

    • Not that I am happy your juju is off too, but MAN, I’m so glad it’s not just me! I’m just all jumbled up! I have my suspicions about the shoulds vs. wants too…

      I’m glad you got a boost from your collective making… that sounds so awesome 🙂

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