my cart runneth over

I have, oh, I don’t know… about 35 things in my Etsy shopping cart right now, just hanging out. I visit them daily. Imagine that they were mine. Drool. Lust. Want. Resist.

A pair of earrings, many many ceramic beads, ear wires, copper beads in all shapes and sizes, vintage lucite beads, some frit, some STUNNING artisan-made bronze beads…


Am I the only one who does this?


6 thoughts on “my cart runneth over

  1. Every once in a while I go through my open tabs on chrome and find like 6 or 7 shopping carts at various online shops all with things in them. It’s like a more dangerous version of window shopping. Internet shopping roulette!

    • LOL! Ok, you’re obviously a pro 😉 Some days I do find myself weak and I succumb to a couple of things…. But they’re beads, so… supplies…. so I need them, right?

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