tiny tip – where old stringers go to die

stinger disposal

There are all kinds of little tips and tricks that make life as a beadmaker easier… I feel a bit dumb sharing some of them because they seem so obvious and simple. But if I didn’t know about them after many years in the bead world, maybe some of you didn’t either.

One of those things that is a pain is disposing of all those sharp nasty stringer bits that you’re done with. I used to dump mine in a bowl of water, but then I always had to deal with this nasty, swampy bowl full of sharp glass bits. Wait for the water to dry up, brush the nasty bits into some container so they wouldn’t rip a hole in the garbage bag… Ugh.

Then I read someone’s suggestion to get a big plastic bottle and drop the stringer bits right in there. Genius! It’s like my favorite thing on my work table. When it’s full, you just put the lid on and throw that sucker in the garbage.

I’ve also heard of people using those big tough dog food bags… that seems like a good idea too, though maybe a bit large to put right on your table.

I do have little jars that I keep hundreds of decent, usable stringers in (why??? I don’t know), but this is for the ones that I’ll never use again. Too short, etc.

Are you loving my geeky ‘nebula’ photo filter? The plastic stringer bottle really is that cosmic and magical.


12 thoughts on “tiny tip – where old stringers go to die

  1. I am not a lampworker so this may not work, but can they be crushed to make frit? If you don’t use frit, many others do and would buy it I am sure.

    • Wendi – that’s actually a great idea and believe it or not I’d never thought of that…. If I sorted them out and crushed up a bunch of ‘like’ colors together it may work! I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks for that!! I’ll post pics if anything cool comes of it.

  2. Love those, “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments! Funny how a relatively simple solution can make such a difference!

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