basic black

I made a set of black and white beads recently and had a few inquiries as to what type of black glass I used to get the totally black black designs on white:Black and white beads - UglibeadsThe problem that we beadmakers run into with black is that plain old Effetre black, when used as surface decoration over white, can get a ‘purple-ish’ look to it. The source of the problem is that Effetre black is not actually opaque – it’s dark transparent purple. So of course, when you layer it over white, it looks purple. In this pic you can see what I’m talking about. Or maybe you can’t. I just realized how small and useless this pic is:

black and white beads

See those purple-y lines? Kinda? Yep. When you’re going for a nice crisp black and white, those aren’t cool. I struggled with this for the LONGEST time until I wised up (thanks to somebody’s post on lampworketc.). It’s all about the Reichenbach Deep Black, people. Purple problems solved.

It’s amazing that you can be a beadmaker for so long and not know this. Years of frustration.

Reichenbach black is significantly more expensive than Effetre, so it’s totally fine to use Effetre as the base for your black and white beads. It’s only when you layer the black over white that you need to use the denser black.

Another option is to use Effetre Intense Black, which I have also used, but I must say I much prefer the Reichenbach. Some people have had luck with Vetrofond black, but I’m not a fan, as I had some cracking issues with it a while back. I did some research, and other people have had the same problem. So I steer clear.

In other news, I have a couple of projects that I am REALLY REALLY supposed to be working on this week. So of course, I’m playing with things that have nothing to do with these projects. The other night at the end of a midnight torching session these just floated down from the heavens. What could be more inspiring than avoiding your creative obligations…?

Galaxy Beads - Uglibeads

Galaxy beads, what??

Oh, and don’t worry about those projects… I’m like a diamond.

I shine under pressure.

Yes, you may roll your eyes now.


2 thoughts on “basic black

  1. That’s funny! Just had a flashback of your Dad borrowing books for his term papers at university. Good thing some people do great work under pressure, but it’s not my strength!

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