brights, brights baby

So now that we all know about my focal bead saga, I wanted to show you some I made recently that I’m really proud of.Focal beads by Julie Wong SontagOne of these days I might get over my obsession with bright colors. You know, grow up and adopt a more ‘sophisticated’ palette.

Like some of my favorites:

Anvil Artifacts
Fanciful Devices
Numinosity Beads
Toni McCarthy
Scorched Earth

Or not.


4 thoughts on “brights, brights baby

  1. If you’re inspired by the bright colors, I say stick with them. 🙂 It has nothing to do with growing up and everything to do with following what moves you!
    The two on the left make me think of Grim Fandango (the video game) for some reason. I saw you’d named them after gaming systems, which I loved!

    • I just find it bizarre that when I look at other artists’ work, I’m totally drawn to organic, earthy, subdued colors. And then when I sit down to make stuff, it’s all bright and graphic. I’m trying to sort that one out.

      Oh, the video game beads!!! Dan and I were standing in front of the Lego store on Saturday looking at Star Wars Lego, and I have even mooooore IDEAS for that series… R2D2!

  2. I think there’s room for all the colours. Whispers and shouts. Life would be boring with just one side of things. Or, maybe boring’s not the word – maybe it’s just that we appreciate both more because with have to other there too. If that makes sense.

    • I think so too Rebecca… and just mulling it over, I think now I’m grateful to have a love for all forms of expression in color (whispers AND shouts!) because it gives you such a range to work with…. Mother Nature has always done both, and she can’t be wrong! Sometimes you’re inspired by the beauty of the arid desert, or a rock cliff… and some days, a tropical bird’s plumage….. and why not. It’s great to read these old posts again because I realize that I struggle less and less with some of these things that have felt like existential crises in times past 😉 xoxo

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