gathering my thoughts

I keep a pad of sticky notes by my computer at all times while I’m working. When I get an idea for something – bead idea, jewelry idea, blog post idea – I make a quick little sketch, maybe a couple of notes, and then I can get back to what I’m doing. If I don’t write it down, I’ll never remember when it comes time to work on new stuff.

The pile of stickies can get a bit out of control.

Here’s the before:


And after:


I stuck them into my sketchbook, all lined up, nice and neat, with double-sided tape (who doesn’t love double-sided tape??) so that when I’m looking for something I don’t have to paw through a big pile of yellow paper.

It kind of goes against the philosophy that a messy workspace is actually conducive to creativity. I am a long-time fan of this philosophy. When I was little, my parents bought me a plastic sign that said, “A creative mess is better than tidy idleness.” Although truer words were never spoken, sometimes we do have to do a little tidying.

To make room for new messes.


One thought on “gathering my thoughts

  1. Ah yes! The new messes. Should have taken some pictures of my plan books with the sticky notes. Smiling just thinking about it!

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