Raise your hand if you watch your mailbox/letter carrier with a little too much intensity…


My Dad bought me a very special bead for my birthday. It’s coming from Germany. The anticipation is killing me!

In the bead department, I have more bright beads coming this week on Etsy (, and so many cool things for next week too!


5 thoughts on “anticipation

  1. Believe me, I understand how you must feel! I, too, am expecting some very special beads as you know… 😉 (Can’t wait to get my hands on them!)

    • Wheeee! I love that I get to make people happy with Bead Mail. When I buy something for myself it always reminds me how great it feels to know that something special is coming!!!! I got a parcel notice in the mail yesterday, so maybe…..

  2. Ha! I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’m always slightly fascinated by the ways we receive post in different parts of the world. Here, they all just land on the inside door mat of our building, which is an old house now split into 5 flats. Straight into the house if we weren’t in a flat. I LOVE getting the post. Love, love love. Helen mocks me for it frequently! She posted my Uglibeads down to London so I didn’t have to wait until mid-August when I’m back in Edinburgh!

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