a gift

I got the BEST message just now, on a day when I’ve been feeling very slumpy indeed. You know when you just get in a ‘mood’, and you kind of wallow there longer than is really necessary? Grey day, go away. Thankfully, the universe usually delivers a pick-me-up, sooner or later, just to remind you that everything is gonna be ok. Here’s my gift from the universe for today:

“I got the bird beads!!!

Not to freak you out with enthusiasm, but they are maybe the cutest beads ever in the history of beads. I am so excited about them…I was crazy about them from your posting and they are even better in person…all the detail and the little faces!! Gah!

I think I need a blog- maybe I can start an Uglibeads fan club blog?!?”

Isn’t that the BEST? I am so lucky that I get to do what I do, with people like you.


4 thoughts on “a gift

  1. Julie, I am looking forward to a picture of “the birds” am excited on your behalf, we are just back from where we enjoyed the “real” birds.

    • Real birds sounds nice! We don’t have any around yet in Edmonton. Not that I’ve seen, anyway! Usually they sit on the skylight above our bed and wake us up in the morning. I guess it won’t be long before nature’s alarm clock comes back πŸ™‚

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