out and about friday

When you work at home, alone, and most of what you do is on the internet, you start to feel like a bear in a cave. I have to be prodded with a stick to come out. A big stick. Yes, I am fully aware that this isn’t super healthy, but what can I say? I’m reclusive. Especially in the winter, when it seems like such a drag to get all bundled up to trudge through the snow.

I felt inspired today to emerge for a little outing, and I’ve been meaning to visit the Alberta Craft Council Gallery Shop, which is only a few blocks from my house, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. No time like the present!

Alberta Craft Council Gallery shopThey have a lot of beautiful fine craft items, all handmade by Alberta Craft Council members. There is no mass produced anything. TONS of ceramics, which, I’ll admit, isn’t really my thing. Not the large pieces, anyway. (I quite like ceramic beads). They also have a lot of blown glass, displayed in the windows all around the shop. One of the best, and I think, most beautiful things about glass is the way it transmits light, and they really show that off. I got one shot of a few pieces by Darren Petersen of Red Deer (I think), though it’s a terrible picture. I was trying to be sneaky; I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to take photos.

Darren Peterson blown glass vasesGorgeous, aren’t they? They have a really wide price range of glass items, from $130 to about $2500, so there are lots of things that are affordable. There were many display cases of beautiful jewelry, mostly very expensive high-end silver and gold things. I could only find two artists who made jewelry with lampwork beads, though they had nice stuff. I always love to see beads in person – it’s so different from seeing photos online!

Next stop was my favorite hangout in Edmonton, Remedy Café on Jasper Ave. They have the best chai anywhere. When you take a sip, your body just settles, and says, ‘ahhh, let’s just relax here for a while’…. They make a special blend of chai, with 20 secret ingredients or something. It’s amazing. We discovered that they sell their chai syrup in big jugs so you can take it home… I love making frozen chai with blended ice and lots of milk.

Remedy Cafe Edmonton chaiThey also have great Indian food with lots of gluten free options. I had tandoori chicken with rice. Mmmmm. Our regular standby is the masala dosa, but I wasn’t quite that hungry today. If you’ve never had a dosa, which is a South Indian thing, you simply MUST track one down. You won’t regret it!

Remedy Cafe Edmonton tandoori chickenIt was soothing just to sit and listen to the buzz of people chatting and working, and to enjoy the music in the background. Now I’m full, happy, and ready to work. Or nap. Ahhh, Friday.

I added new beads to Etsy every day this week. Did you see? Click here.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


4 thoughts on “out and about friday

  1. I know how hard it can be to get out and about! So glad you did it and discovered beautiful art and soul-satisfying food & drink. Sounds inspirational! I love the beads you are adding to Etsy!! You are being true to your desire to create and I admire you for that!! Your journey inspires me 🙂

    • Thanks Lisa!! It’s important to suck up inspiration wherever you can find it, even if it’s only a delicious meal!! Thanks for the nice words about my beads 🙂 Having made the commitment to create is helping to move the journey along…

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