I’ve been in a bead-buying dry spell. Making jewelry is not my main thing anymore, so there’s really no need to stock up the way I used to. You know, like the apocalypse was upon us and the very survival of our species depended entirely on beads.

However, a few weeks ago, I found an artist who makes ceramic components for jewelry. Just look at these long, glazed, dangle things. I’m so freaking obsessed with them. So unique, so earthy, so modern. I’m seeing one on a long necklace with a sea glass bead and a beach pebble.


They’re made by Petra Carpreau, an artist from the UK, and her shop is ScorchedEarthonEtsy.

I had to order a pair. Or two. You know, to justify the overseas shipping cost.

Oh my.

p.s. the 30 day challenge is going swimmingly. Days 5-9 this week, hooray! Want to see new beads? Check in every day this week for a new Etsy listing! Click here to see what’s new in my store, or use the ‘buy beads’ link at the top of the page.


4 thoughts on “obsession

  1. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for further enabling my bead addiction — first your beads, now Scorthed Earth!! Though seeing beautiful beads really does get my creative juices flowing… I wanted to let you know that I clicked on your Pinterest link through Etsy and I am now following you there — that’s me, the Siamese cat. I loved seeing pins of the gorgeous beads you’ve designed! Eye candy! Also while I was drifting through your blog I somehow managed to “unfollow” you — something that has happened once before while visiting (Newbie). So if you should get a new message that I am following you, this is why. Hope you are finding many happy creative moments in your day!
    — Lisa

    • I know, Scorched Earth… amazing. I can’t wait until my stuff arrives to see what they look like in person. Isn’t Pinterest great? It’s the best for finding inspiration. I also love pinning photos of beads other beadmakers have made… it’s like building a little collection without having to spend thousands of dollars!!! Creatively, I’ve been in a bit of a slump so far this week… I’ve got to kick myself in the butt!!

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