birds of a feather flock together

One of the things that can be tough sometimes as an artist is finding your own creative voice and making things that are uniquely yours. With glass beads it can be especially hard… sometimes it seems that everything has been done before, in one form or another. People are always coming up with new variations, but the techniques and the materials are largely the same.

Solution: play, experiment, find new inspiration… rinse, repeat.

I wanted to make bird beads, but I had to do a bit of research first to see what other people were doing so I could come up with something different. There are a lot, and I mean a LOT of beadmakers who make bird beads.

Stephanie Sersich makes birds:
Stephanie Sersich bird bead

Amy Johnson makes birds:
Amy Johnson Bird ring

Isis Ray makes birds:
Isis Ray bird pendant

Lucie Kovarova-Weir makes birds:
Lunacy Glass bird pendant

And now I do too!
Julie Wong Sontag bird bead

Happy Friday everyone! Have an amazing weekend.


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