people are so nice

Case in point: yesterday I received a cute little package in the mail all the way from Australia, containing a rod each of the most popular Double Helix silver glass colors. This (rather expensive) glass is reactive, which means that it interacts with the character of the torch flame and with other colors (and probably which way the wind is blowing…) to produce beautiful, unpredictable colors. If you look at beads made by 10 different beadmakers made with the same color of silver glass, they all look different. It’s mysterious…

I’ve never tried silver glass, which spread like a virus (um, the good kind of virus?) through the beadmaking world when it was introduced in 2005 or so, right around the time I stopped making beads. I mentioned this in passing on, the forum where many of the glass beadmakers hang out online, and someone offered to send me a few things to try from her personal stash. Thanks to Robyn of FireSongCreations for this sweet and generous RAOGK (Random Act of Glass Kindness)! Check out the beautiful beads she makes in her Etsy shop here. Now I just have to work up the courage to give this stuff a try.



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