no peeking

no peeking in the kiln

New rule: no peeking at the beads in the kiln until the next morning. Even if they’re cool enough to come out before I go to bed. There’s nothing like waking up and running downstairs to check out the new beads! It’s the absolute best way to start the day. It’s almost like Christmas morning, every morning.

(For those who aren’t beadmakers: when I’m done making a bead, it goes straight from the torch into the kiln – a hot oven, which sits at a high temperature, keeping the beads warm. After I’m done making beads for the day, the temperature of the kiln is lowered very slowly, using a digital controller. This allows for the structure of the glass molecules to settle in such a way that the internal “stress” is eliminated. The process is called ‘annealing’. This is what makes lampworked beads strong, durable, and almost indestructible. I’ve dropped beads on a hard floor and they always survive!)

I have a new set of beads on Etsy since my last post: check ’em out. My husband is annoyed because he thinks I’m pricing my work too low. “Where are these random prices coming from?” he says. Each bead is priced based on the level of complexity, and therefore, the time that went into it. I’m currently pricing at 2 to 4 dollars less than I used to for each bead, and then I take 2 to 4 dollars off the total price of the set. It’s a bit painful, but hey, you gotta start somewhere. The market isn’t what it used to be. People have less disposable funds for things like beads. And yet… I know that there are people out there still buying. I’m gonna find ’em.

“Creativity takes courage.”
-Henri Matisse

I’m loving the 30 day challenge. I’m feeling good about the beads, but more importantly, I’m feeling good about myself. Bring on Day 5…


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