New beads on Etsy!

I finally got another set of beads listed on Etsy. These are from the beadmaking “vault”. I made them back in 2005-ish and the other day when I was going through some of my old stuff I found them in a box. They’re really nice. I think I made them based on a photo of some fabric I saw in a design magazine… It’s such a classy color combination, I’m sure I didn’t think of that myself.


I had a hard time pricing them. I know what I used to charge for each type of bead, but that was back when I had a bit of a following, and the demand for my beads was more than I could keep up with. Everything is different now. At that time, there was no Etsy. When I started out selling beads, Ebay was the big thing, and a lot of people did really well selling beads there. A lot of us would start our auctions at $0.99, and because there were so many people buying lampwork, usually they’d sell for much more than you’d hoped. Sometimes a bead/beads would sell for hundreds of dollars. Some of the ‘big name’ beadmakers were even getting bids in the thousands for one set of beads. It was a really fun time. I miss the thrill of posting an Ebay auction and watching the price climb! Etsy just doesn’t have the same excitement factor… Though I suppose from a buyer’s perspective it’s nice to be able to buy a set of beads ‘right now’ without waiting for 7-10 days to see whether you were the high bidder on an auction. Maybe I’ll try posting some beads on Ebay now and then for old times’ sake, just to see what happens!

Click here to see the new beads on Etsy. Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


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